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24-dot, three half-width mode, calculate the following passage theory occupy a large space of six small zero.

Asked by: Pamela Harrison 234 views IT November 13, 2019

The sun is formed in the collapse of a cloud of molecular hydrogen at about 4.57 billion years ago. Time Sun formed in two measurement methods: The sun is currently in the age main sequence belt, stellar evolution using computer models and too prokaryotic synthesis confirmed, is about 4.57 billion years. This is obtained by radiometric dating sun oldest material is 4.567 billion years is very consistent. Sun evolution stage has its main sequence to middle age, fusion at this stage in the core hydrogen into helium. Per second over 400 million tons of material in the core of the sun into energy, neutrinos and solar radiation. At this rate, by far, the sun is about transforming the 100 Earth masses of material to be energy, the sun in the main sequence of time-consuming to bring a total of about 10 billion years.

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    overall length of 484 characters long (a two kanji characters long)

    therefore require space for

    484 * 24/8 (monochrome) = 1452 words section

    Carolyn Turner- November 14, 2019 |