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The E disk file shows the occupied space, that is, the file cannot be found. I beg you to help the experts solve the problem.

Asked by: Deborah Lewis 295 views Software July 21, 2018

Addition: The computer is set to show hidden files

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    1, there may be hidden files
    Open my computer, click Tools-Folder Options in the menu bar. Then click View, select Show all files and folders, and hide protected operating system files. The front hook is removed. OK. Look again if your E disk has files. Upstairs a friend said it is virtual memory. If so, the file name is pagefile.sys, and this file is in the root directory. The landlord said there is a Folder. Excludes the possibility of virtual memory
    2. It may be a virus
    Some people with common sense know that virus files are generally small, and it is even more unlikely to make a dozen G. The possibility of a virus. I hope my friends don’t move and say that there is a virus. It will mislead others.
    3. It may be a file left by the previous installer.
    According to the method of Article 1. Open my computer, click menu Tool-folder option in the bar. Click to view, select all files and folders, and hide the hidden front of the protected operating system file. OK. Then look at your E disk for a folder. Your folder is called System Volume Information. That description is the previous one. Residual files, you can open this folder. Then select all the files inside. Delete it.
    4. It may be that your E disk partition is damaged.
    There may be damage to the E disk partition. Normal, unable to format, etc.
    This situation can be right-clicked on my computer – management – disk management. Then right click on the right E disk, you can delete the logical partition. Then right click on the disk free block, Then re-create an E disk partition. You can.

    Scott Jackson- July 21, 2018 |

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    Directly format it,


    Scott Turner- July 22, 2018 |

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    The file is in a hidden file

    Thomas Smith- July 22, 2018 |

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    What files do you want to find in the E disk? Try to find large files. There will be no

    Campbell- July 22, 2018 |

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    in the hidden folder,

    Kevin Roberts- July 22, 2018 |