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Grid three designs, six did not respond to what is zero

Asked by: Dennis Edwards 185 views IT November 22, 2019

Grid three designs, six did not respond to what is zero

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    as a new positive grid structure type, having a high integrity, good stability, a large space stiffness, seismic performance, the lever reasonable force less amount of steel, etc., develop rapidly. Xuzhou as grid town, every year a lot of commitment Wangjiagongcheng country. I found the “grid structure design and construction of” Wangjiagongcheng design from contact with certain formulation is debatable, in addition to grid support .1 grid were designed to explore the boundary conditions based on “grid structure design and construction” provides support conditions of the grid structure, according to the rigidity of the support structure, the support structure of the nodes how to consider the case of horizontal reaction force issues, It is assumed to be two to sway, can always sway, sway-free hinge bearings knot or elastic support. according to the analysis of the actual project, I think some places worth exploring.

    Carter- November 22, 2019 |