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abb inside interrupt program execution and the rest of the program at the same time do

Asked by: Taylor 310 views IT December 28, 2019

abb inside interrupt program execution and the rest of the program at the same time do

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    interrupt routine, or they are used in a very multi-robot programs both in the PLC, the robot program that interrupts and interrupt the PLC Is there any difference? Programming is not the same? Let’s take a look at how to understand it! Interrupted: during RAPID program execution, if the situation requires emergency treatment occurs, which requires the industrial robot to interrupt the current execution of the program pointer PP immediately jump to a special emergency program in case of appropriate treatment, after the end of the program PP return to the original place the pointer interrupted, continue to execute the program. Program designed to deal with emergency situations has been termed an interrupt routine (TRAP). As shown in Figure 1-1 when 1-1 robot in the main program (main), a situation requiring emergency treatment occurs, we need to interrupt the current program immediately execute the code in the interrupt routine, and immediately after the execution had just returned to the block is not executed. Well, our program to understand the meaning of these words.  When the program execution to the second row (②), the interrupt is triggered immediately, it will execute the interrupt program pointer in the program block (reg1: = reg1 + 1), after the implementation of the program will return a pointer to a position to continue ② execution down. Once you understand this process, we interrupt program is basically two-thirds complete, then we look at the programming interrupt program it. Interrupt program creation method:  took us to see the whole program structure:  entire program, click di0 button to interrupt the program execution time. We also seize the time to verify it.

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