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Apple reminded how close update

Asked by: Gregory Harrison 150 views Phone & Tablet January 11, 2020

7p how clearance system update reminder

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    Apple phone shut down the system update prompt

    When using the iPhone, often receive software updates, or if you do not want to update it, do not click installation, click “Later”, as Fig.

    After you click later, and you will enter the phone password, pay attention, do not enter here, otherwise the phone will automatically update, click the “remind me later”, as shown.

    This suggested and will disappear, want to close this prompt, the above setting can open the phone, select the “universal”, as shown in FIG.

    After entering General, select “iPhone storage space”, can enter the Apple phone’s storage space management, as shown.

    After entering the iPhone manage the storage space, the size of the phone can be seen above the space occupied by all the applications, system installation package found iPhone, click to enter, as shown in FIG. After

    to enter the system installation package, click on the “Delete update” on it, as shown in FIG.

    phone in the future for a long period of time, you will not be prompted to update the system.

    Apple phone shut down the system update prompt, not later prompted:

    Click “Settings” and find and click on “Wireless LAN.”

    click “application using WLAN and cellular network.”

    After entering the page, click “Settings”, select “Off”.

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