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Why is the latest WIN10 system, but many users still use WIN7, and said WIN7 better use?

Asked by: Margaret 137 views Software January 16, 2020

Why is the latest WIN10 system, but many users still use WIN7, and said WIN7 better use?

2 Answers

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    WIN7 good support for some of the old software, user interface similar to the original XP, and WIN10 is not compatible with old software, WIN7 operating options with some differences, so are used to WIN7 then WIN10 some are not suited.

    Jason Cooper- January 16, 2020 |

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    Many old computers, Win10 does not support, Win10 launch hardware management UEFI mode, you need to have the appropriate hardware capability will be useful, or when using old hardware, but also load similar compatibility shell .

    With the aging out of old computer hardware, Win7 will slowly fade into history as XP.

    But the hardware update too fast, like a lot of old industry now, because the software does not keep pace, a lot of XP system is still running, because the old equipment does not support the new software, you must also struggled

    Answer: the above is for the hardware environment for users, but also in line with the natural habits before smoothly, although the new changes in appearance, but previously no use to function, the increase is not added to the list does not matter , and because changes in the interface function can not find the location, but may affect the use.
    For the employer, usually a few new people with new machine ……

    Answer: Win7 first for a couple of old computers, hardware compatibility factor.
    Even for the elderly upgrade new equipment, personal habits, the old system first, and even many also hope that the new computers to install XP it (many have not installed a)

    Davies- January 16, 2020 |