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How orderly inserted in a PDF file

Asked by: Frances 160 views Software February 9, 2020

order can not be changed, or can not find the appropriate content, not on the article

2 Answers

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    First, the problem Description: At first I, like you said, first open the 1, then insert 2, 3 …, but how experiments are inverted sort (that is, the last page is always another front), no automatic adjustment, if adjusted one by one, one by one, or insert, will be more effective, to achieve the effect you want. Second, the solution to the problem: First, open the PDF (Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional) software (note not to open the first page or a page), select the menu bar 1, “documents – from multiple files created PDF–” in the pop-up dialog box, select 2, “Browse”, and then in the pop-up dialog box to find the file you want to merge, click select all 3, “adding – OK” (Note: If your document page order in advance have been rename, will automatically sort, if you want to fine-tune the individual files, then you can click on the file you want to adjust, and then click move Up or move down). Will pop up (Save As) dialog box, name the file, click 4, “Save” OK, then open the PDF file you save to see, whether your request.

    Elizabeth- February 9, 2020 |

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    install Adobe Acrobat XI Pro software, create the menu – and close the file into a single PDF file, select the file you want to merge, and sort, merge file to <

    Sharon Phillips- February 9, 2020 |