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After rebooting my laptop on the wireless network is disconnected

Asked by: Carl Scott 381 views Computer February 21, 2020

Sometimes before connecting with the wireless network after network cable, sometimes simply Rom how to do?

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    After rebooting my laptop disconnects the wireless network

    After each restart the computer, the wireless network will not connect to the causes and solutions:

    1, check the wireless card drivers are installed properly.

    Right-click on “My Computer” – Properties – Hardware – Device Manager to see if there is a question mark or exclamation mark marked network equipment, if there is, then the wireless network card driver is not installed correctly. Then you have to download the network card driver, and reinstall.

    2, open the “View available wireless connections”

    If the switch is turned on but still found less than Wi-Fi, right-click the wireless network icon at the bottom right corner of the tray, click on “Open Network Connections “and then right-click the wireless network icon to open the window, click on” properties “, click on” wireless network configuration “tab,” “front tick” use Windows to configure my wireless connection settings OK “reopen” View available wireless connections “to see if you can.

    3, open the laptop wireless network services

    Tip “Windows can not configure this connection” appears if you click Refresh network list, open the Jinshan guards “system optimization” feature, click “Power to accelerate” tab, click on the “service”, select the bottom left corner of the “show item has banned start”, and then found in the list “wireless Zero configuration (wireless configuration service)”, click on the right side of the “open” that can. Then in the Start – Run, type net start wzcsvc, press Enter. Laptop wireless network connection is not on the symptoms can be solved.

    Ann- February 22, 2020 |

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    The wireless network card driver to try unloading heavy equipment

    Roger Campbell- February 22, 2020 |