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Desktop mechanical hard disk can hold it?

Asked by: Kimberly Jackson 193 views Hardware February 25, 2020

Desktop mechanical hard disk can hold it?

5 Answers

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    is not? Originally a mechanical hard drive is the most commonly used desktop hard drive.

    Amanda Watson- February 25, 2020 |

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    Desktop may of course be equipped with a mechanical hard disk drive is not popular in the solid state, the desktop are mechanical hard disk.

    Smith- February 25, 2020 |

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    Hello, all desktop computers can install the mechanical hard drive

    Kimberly Young- February 26, 2020 |

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    Yes, buy the right model on the line.

    Gregory James- February 26, 2020 |

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    must be, can be installed on a desktop computer has a mechanical hard drive. Solid State Drive technology is only appeared in recent years.

    Ward- February 26, 2020 |