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As shown, the System icon disappeared can not drive off how to do

Asked by: Arthur 158 views Software March 4, 2020

Recently this happens how to do it!

2 Answers

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    desktop press win + r has the following pop-up window is determined by the input cmd
    enter shutdown / p Press Enter to shutdown

    There is a more Madden: desktop computer, then directly to the wire, notebook, then directly press the power key

    William Davies- March 4, 2020 |

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    press the power button off, or press the keyboard following win key once to see if it would pop up menu

    Question: In fact, I would like to know how to get it back

    Answer: it did not
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    In between you inadvertently
    This is a system bug
    You and I are powerless
    Microsoft contracting India
    Asan limited technical
    Kill your system icons
    You and I are all descendants of Zaun
    We know reinstall the system to solve the problem
    Load carrying machine Computer City
    Eloquent Road, “” Microsoft **** “”

    Anthony Clarke- March 4, 2020 |