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Buy a computer aspects

Asked by: Melissa 187 views Computer March 6, 2020

I am a student, but now want to buy a laptop for learning cad, sometimes playing the game, you can play stable and smooth chicken, the budget in 3000, want to understand this aspect of the Great God can recommend.

8 Answers

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    You do not ….. this requirement nor second-hand computers, laptops High Low prices than desktop configuration, desktop 3000 yuan barely stable and smooth chicken, could not handle the notebook, the notebook can get more than 4500 yuan in low effect chicken.

    Charles Scott- March 6, 2020 |

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    to look at the brand site, such as Dell, Lenovo

    Cynthia- March 7, 2020 |

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    you play that game $ 3,000 configuration is not enough, either, and so to be recommended I do not play games.

    Edward Moore- March 7, 2020 |

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    To get the performance of a notebook as you say your budget is not enough! Do not buy things in order to save nondescript

    Frances Wood- March 7, 2020 |

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    3000 Yuan enough, this game minimum Pentium G5400 processor, GTX1050 graphics, special effects and smooth chicken only low, but also to 3500 yuan.

    Roger Martin- March 7, 2020 |

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    3000 Yuan absolutely not. Notebook running game is a “game-level notebook” these notebooks is the highest profile of the notebook. The same price is the highest price of 3,000 yuan can only consider the lowest level notebook integrated graphics configuration. 3,000 of the notebook that the white trash, you can log Jingdong look at the game level notebook price to understand, configure the lowest level of the game to start the notebook 5500 yuan. 8000 yuan level notebook is a game of standard,

    Ruth Clark- March 8, 2020 |

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    own online comparison

    Patrick Martin- March 8, 2020 |

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    3000 dollar is low-end this office, can not play chicken, smooth to play the chicken in this game to five or six thousand.

    Patrick King- March 8, 2020 |