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Computer has no sound but display normal

Asked by: John 7 views Computer March 7, 2020

Computer has no sound but display normal

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    There is no sound of computer software articles

    1, mute: This is one of the most non-issue, but also the most easily overlooked problem, sometimes our computer is not no sound or computer software hardware problem, but we have it on muted only. The solution is very simple, you can turn on the sound.

    2, the sound card driver: This should be a lot of people in the computer no sound when the first thought is, indeed this is often caused by one of the computer no sound culprit. First, we find the sound devices through the Control Panel, then click Sounds and Audio Devices (Refer to the following specific location icon Note), if the interface to pop up is gray, then prove that driver is not installed, we just download a driver can be installed, If you do not know what to download, you can download a universal sound card driver installation click.

    3, mute virus: Xiao Bian is not encountered mute virus, but many Internet users have encountered, like waveform called the silent virus, the virus in the performance: Boot the computer mute , showing no system startup sound, the waveform audio is adjusted to a minimum, can not play sound, even if you transferred over, and after a few minutes and automatically muted. If it is caused by a virus, the solution is killing the virus, we can be killing the virus in safe mode, if not enough, then it will re-install the system.

    4, the service is not running: this should be a lot easier to ignore the user’s problem, that is to close the audio service. Of course, you may not be intentionally turned off, but during boot time optimization to ban it, so the consequences is turned on and does not start the audio service, so if the computer did not sound. The solution is simple, so that you can boot from the start the audio service. Specific implementation method is to right-click My Computer, click Manage, find the service options, double-click the entry, find the Windows Audio option to see if it is turned on, if not, turn it on and set to automatic.

    Computer no sound of hardware articles

    1, interface issues: Whether we use the headset also or sound, you need to be connected via a fixed interface, the interface is bad if the connection also or has been damaged will result in computer does not sound, if a desktop machine, you can try to change the interface if there is sound, if it is a laptop, you can unplug the headphones or stereo sound to see if there are, if any, can be determined that the interface damage caused. The solution is simple, replacing the interfaces can be, if it is a notebook, then may be a bit of trouble, a lot of only one interface, if the damage can not be used or stereo headphones, if you want to listen to the sound with headphones or stereo, and that only to find someone to replace the interfaces.

    2, headphones question: If you are using headphones to listen to the sound, then the sound experience without first to try to change the interface, if it is not sound, you can change the headphones to see if another headset there are sound, then it proves your headset is broken. The solution is simple, is to replace the headset can be.

    3, the sound problem: If you are using a stereo to listen to the sound of words, when it came to no sound must first rule out interface problems, make sure that the interface is not a problem, then it may be sound problem, we can replace to see if there is sound headset, and if so, then that is sound problems. The solution is simple, is to replace the sound can be.

    4, a sound card problem: this is not good judgment to ensure that the above problems are not, then there might be a question of the sound card itself. Whether it is a sound card specific damage repair personnel also need professional judgment, and if so, then only replace a sound card to solve the problem.


    1, the service is not running should be a reason for many users easily overlooked when we determine there is no other software issues when we look at whether the service did not start due to .

    2, when faced with the absence of sound, we must first check that the software to ensure that the problem is not the software, hardware and see if the problem is caused.

    3, of course, when it came to sound problems there may not sound itself is damaged, but where do broken link line of action due, of course, most people do not a good judge, if you are able to do so, you can also test whether the line at causing damage, then you can just replace the line.

    Sandra Campbell- March 7, 2020 |

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    There is no sound of computer software articles

    Mute is one of the most non-issue, but a problem is the most easily overlooked, sometimes our computers are not computers without sound software or hardware problem, but we have it on muted only. The solution is very simple, you can turn on the sound.

    Michelle Campbell- March 8, 2020 |

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    1, and check the speaker audio cable

    2, Master Lu detected sound card drivers installed

    Jason Harrison- March 8, 2020 |

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    reinstall the sound card drivers, display graphics driver that matter, has nothing to do with the sound

    Jason- March 8, 2020 |

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    sound system is broken

    Michael Lee- March 9, 2020 |

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    You can check the number of data to try.

    Joyce Adams- March 9, 2020 |

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    did not open because the sound

    Jeffrey Thomas- March 9, 2020 |

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    no sound card drivers, download driver software corresponding to drive on it

    I just solved

    the problem is like you

    Donna Hughes- March 9, 2020 |

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    go to the computer store and see

    Sarah Lewis- March 9, 2020 |