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Apple’s Macintosh system, what are the pros and cons

Asked by: Janet 186 views Computer March 8, 2020

Apple's Macintosh system, what are the pros and cons

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    Apple’s system is particularly strong independence and any other third-party software is not Apple’s authorization can not install and use, so its safety is high, which is its biggest advantage. But there is a favorable disadvantages, most user dissatisfaction is that it is very dead lock Apple’s authorization, if you want to use other third-party software, you have to get Apple’s approval, install some software simply let Apple , and some can also be charged separately installed by Apple, so Tucao it also has a lot of people. Simply put, the advantages: Since the independence of Apple systems to ensure safety, the system also makes it very smooth; drawback: the user is regulated too dead, lost flexibility and freedom.

    Sandra- March 8, 2020 |

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    The main advantage is good stability, a lot of software does not take a disadvantage.

    Harris- March 8, 2020 |

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    It is characterized by: 1 for the first time with the mouse

    2 using the humanized desktop

    3 can be everyone good use of it

    disadvantages: 1. memory is only 128KB

    2 Macintosh uses a text display, the user can not render good-looking font

    3. no fan cooling

    Anthony- March 8, 2020 |