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win10 system for no reason stuck, picture frame, it can only be forced to restart, in addition to what else you restart

Asked by: Janet 180 views Software March 12, 2020

Will meet four or five times a day, now more often forced to restart POST, in addition to heavy equipment is no way?

3 Answers

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    this case there are two possibilities

    1 Hard problem

    -. Or slow mechanical hard disk bad road, mechanical hard drives where the control chip repeatedly attempting to read data, It has not be read, resulting in no response. The problematic part of the Internet search a separate partition bad sectors masked masking tool on the line.

    – SSD bad blocks, separate partition directly masked.

    2. The system file is broken, this is no way to reinstall it, reinstall the 90% of problem solving.

    Douglas- March 12, 2020 |

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    reinstall the system, or another hard right

    Janet Hill- March 12, 2020 |

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    Only reinstall the system

    , their own system on the line, very simple

    Kevin- March 12, 2020 |