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Asked by: Maria Edwards 181 views IT March 14, 2020

error how to do when you install

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    1, right-click My Computer, select Manage, enter the computer management interface. Simultaneously press Win + R [Enter] to open the Run services.msc Click OK to open the service.

    2, and select the [application] service in the Computer Management interface, and then select [Service], to find windows Update property.

    3, right-click on the windows Update, select Properties and then select Manual in the Startup type, set the next restart after a good computer.

    4, then restart the computer, right-click on the bottom right corner of the wireless network icon or small computer icon, and then select [Open Network Sharing Center].

    5, enter the network settings interface Sharing Center, click on the lower left corner [Windows Firewall] is set.

    6, and then click [] to enable or disable Windows Firewall, choose to enter the setup interface] [Windows Firewall is enabled and click OK. Then reinstall the software to be installed.

    Question: did not find the windows Update, how to do?

    Answer: Click the Start menu, find the Windows Update option in the service management tools on it.

    Edward- March 14, 2020 |