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I have been flat can not be switched every time flash and then gone

Asked by: Henry Turner 166 views Hardware March 16, 2020

Addition: What is the reason? , How to solve it

3 Answers

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    power on the tablet, it flashed off, this is the case, there are generally several reasons: 1, when the memory is in contact with the motherboard socket loose, may also cause automatic shutdown plate, is recommended to check whether the memory and motherboard seated. 2, the power supply shortage is also an important factor causing the computer automatically shut down. . 3, CPU heat dissipation is not good, since the number of revolutions of the system weather or temperature effects due to insufficient CPU fan overheat, which may result in automatic shutdown of the computer.

    Ann Adams- March 16, 2020 |

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    a, iPhone check whether there is physical damage, such as: water bending deformation or the like accident; two, the original data line using the charger charge the iPhone, iPhone check whether there is a response, power deficiency may not boot; Third, forced to re-start the iPhone; Fourth, if after the above operation is still unresponsive or unable to boot normally, it is recommended to the local Apple authorized official or sale process. If none of these mandatory boot, recommendations go professional phone maintenance of the aftermarket.

    Jennifer- March 16, 2020 |

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    find aftermarket check

    Daniel Martin- March 17, 2020 |