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Life of the computer hard drives of how much

Asked by: Sandra Brown 147 views Computer March 22, 2020

Life of the computer hard drives of how much

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    computer’s hard disk life, and about the type of hard disk. Household hard disk, usually three years, the enterprise-class hard disk, on much longer.

    1, consumer-grade hard disk, usually design life of three years. The enterprise is usually even higher at times.

    2, the hard disk life, usually MTBF expressed, usually a desktop hard drive MTBF target of 600,000 hours, and enterprise-class are generally more than one million hours, such as Seagate ES series is 1.2 million hour.

    3, MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure, mean time between failures). MTBF is a standard measure of the reliability of the hard disk, the larger the number, the lower the probability of failure, the more reliable the hard drive.

    4, there is an international research firm surveyed 25,000 hard drives, 7×24 hours are open, almost all support to four years, from 6 onwards, half broken, the other half continue to use. So, now the hard disk of high technology, life is quite reliable.

    5, SSD, is generally calculated according to the amount of write life. For example, 128G solid state disk, you can write about 300T. Thus, an address 40G every day, can also be used for 20 years. Clearly longer than mechanical hard life.

    Joyce- March 22, 2020 |

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    can query on a computer network, there are already a lot of answers to this question, and has been selected as a satisfactory answer!

    Thomas- March 22, 2020 |

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    hard disk electronics products, there is no fixed life, durable and can be used over the next decade, not a durable two months and it broke.

    Carl Adams- March 22, 2020 |