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Bluetooth cell phone signal enhancement

Asked by: Gregory Jones 142 views Phone & Tablet March 22, 2020

Bluetooth cell phone signal enhancement

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    in the software application can not change layer; layer in the software drivers can be changed, although it can be changed, the driver can change the transmit power Bluetooth layer (with a certain limited range), it is tantamount enhance signal strength.

    additional Bluetooth signal strength, but also with the relevant Bluetooth module PCB layout, with a layout related to the Bluetooth antenna, which involves the hardware level, the software can not change.

    In short, if you want to change the signal strength Bluetooth, developers find that can be changed, but if you just want to download an application store APP to solve the problem, there is no such thing.

    Some say the software can enhance the connection strength of Bluetooth, it is only by improving the algorithm to optimize limited Bluetooth communication only.

    Robert Wright- March 22, 2020 |