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sterm not log into how it was for help

Asked by: Diane Thomas 184 views Internet March 27, 2020

sterm not log into how it was for help

2 Answers

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    First, check the computer hardware is intact, whether due to wear and tear affecting the performance of the hardware, if determined to be caused by hardware problems can not start the game normally, but the city or in the future to a computer shop to repair or replace the hardware. Second, check the computer graphics driver is up to date, whether because of an outdated graphics driver caused the game landed failure, if it is determined as a result of graphics driver version issue, you can update the driver, attention to good old-driven backup before updating. Third, regular cleaning of the computer chassis dust, dust will affect the operation of the hardware, the hardware will be burned severe, so cleaning is not necessarily an effective solution to the problem landing, but no long-term cleaning will certainly be a big problem. Fourth, the game itself updates, maintenance, or because of non-normal shutdown process missing game files (damage), will cause the game can not start, the game’s official website re-download and install the game can be solved.

    Donald Hill- March 28, 2020 |

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    I have encountered this situation, landing more than a few times to try.

    Patricia Wright- March 28, 2020 |