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This program can not start because the computer lost libbz2-1.dll. Try to reinstall the program to resolve this issue.

Asked by: Dorothy 140 views Software March 28, 2020

This computer to download a video player, an encryption, encryption download video after video format can not be opened, the prompt box will automatically pop up, ask for advice online! ! ! Hurry! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Please everyone! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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    1, the first missing dll file name down.

    If you are a 32-bit system, then the Search bar dll file name + suffix + “space” + x86,

    Example: MSVCP140.dll x86; if it is 64 bit, enter the dll file name + suffix + “space” + x64,

    Example: MSVCP140.dll x64, you can also find special dll download site directly search directly inside. After

    2, found dll files,

    is important to note that the download 32 or 64 bits.

    Some sites download the files are all included,

    But because we may not be determined before downloading a single file or a group of files,

    So or look ahead.

    In addition some files after downloading codecs need to enter the designated password,

    So there you have that optimistic copy well in advance,

    Lest find it again.

    3, click download,

    Download the file to a local,

    If it is a compressed file,

    then extract the compressed file, <

    or direct disregard this step.

    4, to this complex, for example,

    folder contains many versions.


    Not every version can be used,

    must find their own models,

    How to find for their own model of it,

    the most stupid way is to try one by one.

    5, find the dll file folder,

    Copy files.

    6,32-bit system is very simple,

    simply copy files to “C: \ \ Windows System32” under it.

    64-bit might be some trouble,

    Sometimes copied to “C: \ Windows \ Syswow64” Open the software or game is still being given,

    This you will find under the 64-bit system “C: \ Windows \ System32”,

    copy the dll to this folder.

    If not reported or other errors you try to replace the dll version.

    7, sometimes you may be missing a lot of dll,

    These dll likely to come from dx,

    may be the lack vc ++ 2005 or 2008 or 2010,

    so in order to avoid trouble,

    first, go to control panel to determine if they are installed vc ++ or dx.

    Jackson- March 28, 2020 |