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excel2013 merger same numeric columns?

Asked by: Barbara Wilson 160 views Software May 3, 2020

excel2013 merger same numeric columns?

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    The combined contents of the same row of three common methods: a pivot table data, the most simple one hundred. As follows: click data – PivotTable and PivotChart – complete, the field name in the first column to the pull of the “field line”, the second column of the field name pulled “data” can. Second, subtotals may be used, as follows: 1, data – sorting, by code, name of the sort, so that the same code will name row together; 2, data – subtotal – summary fields: code, summary way: seek and, summing fields: number. Third, click the Advanced Filter Data – Filter – Advanced Filter – list data area is your area, select “choose Yung choose not duplicate records” – be determined (this method is adapted to count, can not be accumulated).

    Michelle Hill- May 3, 2020 |