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Why not buy AMD graphics core, and NVIDIA (NVIDIA) is a lot of search? ? ? ?

Asked by: Hill 154 views Hardware May 7, 2020

This is similar to AMD and NVIDIA (NVIDIA) performance of two graphics cards, respectively rx580 and gtx1060 even NVIDIA (NVIDIA) core top Titan is a lot, but not as core rx5700xt

Addition: there is a place not understand, why not sell graphics pcb board, is the kind only a thin core, other parts are welded well, it stands to reason that the graphics core of such a precious thing there are people who sell, graphics Why sell a pcb board did not it?

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    1, you see they are recycled graphics core, or sell a graphics core memory, or bad recovery core (take the matter to chip-level maintenance personnel with training), in most cases you see is probably a treasure I have said three conditions

    2, speaking calmly, even if you do a search to sell a large number of links in a graphics core of the treasure, then Will these links belong to many different shops, or a handful of a few shops that? If only a handful of a few shops and even a store released, then the possibility of the shop owner is just a collection of NVIDIA enthusiast? But not universal like Nvidia only as something to sell?

    For example: I am a graphics core collection lovers, I’m busy fish released 100 recycling or sale of NVIDIA core link graphics card, then there is a personal search, found under have 100 trafficking NVIDIA on the busy fish graphics the core of the link, the following conclusions can we will sell not buy NVIDIA AMD up?

    3, such as your search Navi polaris, these are just GPU code, and not a real GPU models. Like you also to search a core NVIDIA turing, also found no results.

    AMD vega56 real core model is 215-0894216, you enter into Taobao, we will search out a lot of beginning with 215 or 216 AMD graphics core

    Question: oh Tiantishan NVIDIA chart above are core models, AMD’s code name is no wonder that found less than

    Question: AMD or NVIDIA less than a,

    Answer: I am using a mobile phone Soso end up with a lot, it is estimated that Taobao search mechanisms, found a string of numbers is more difficult

    Anna Smith- May 7, 2020 |