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32GU disk can be filled, but what reason can not play

Asked by: Lisa King 178 views Hardware May 6, 2020

32GU disk can be filled, but what reason can not play

3 Answers

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    4G does not support more than a single file because your disk U hundred FAT or FAT32 is used, FAT or FAT32 only supports single largest 4G following files into NTFS on it.

    Specific methods are as follows:

    1, the first change to the NTFS file backup partition inside, that is to copied elsewhere

    2 in the computer (my computer) in the right-click the partition and contrast ratio as shown in the D drive, then select format

    3, the file system will ask the system into NTFS, select format ( All this partition formatted files will be cleared, so be sure to do first step of a backup 1!)

    U disk, USB flash drive full name, the English name “USB flash disk”. It is a physical drive using a USB interface without miniature high-capacity mobile storage products ..

    FAT32 format A partition is a formula. This format uses 32-bit file allocation table, so the disk management capabilities greatly enhanced version of the sudden breaking capacity of each partition FAT16 only 2 GB limit.

    FAT file allocation table (right English: File Allocation Table, acronym: FAT), the invention is a part of the patent owned by Microsoft and file system used for MS-DOS, but also all the non-core Microsoft windows NT

    Linda- May 6, 2020 |

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    may be shrinking U disk

    Mark Edwards- May 7, 2020 |

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    you use 360 ​​to detect what is not expansion disk

    Jason Thomas- May 7, 2020 |