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How to split-screen phone

Asked by: Carl 192 views Phone & Tablet May 26, 2020

I enjoy Huawei 8E, no intelligent assistance how to do?

2 Answers

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    The phone supports split-screen mode, open as follows:

    can be split screen in the following ways:.

    1 Press recently to start Split Screen: Open the rear support applications split-screen, long press recently built start the split-screen. .

    2 starts sliding two fingers on-screen: application to open the support split screen, split screen with two fingers to start sliding from the bottom of the screen.

    Press phone desktop space, under the rightmost pop-up menu effect, enter the “Settings”, and then check from the intelligent assistant.

    Charles Morgan- May 26, 2020 |

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    Does your phone what brand

    Thomas Jackson- May 26, 2020 |