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5G 4G mobile phones compared to those who, how much faster

Asked by: King 152 views Phone & Tablet May 30, 2020

5G 4G mobile phones compared to those who, how much faster

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    Theoretical downlink speeds

    5G network for 10Gb / s (download speeds equivalent to 1.25GB / s), which means to download a high-definition movie in under the 5G only takes 1 second.

    5G network refers to the fifth generation mobile communication technology, which belong to one hundred 4G network upgrade. In 3G, 4G and 5G networks terminology, G is the English word “generation” (x-th degree of substitution) Abbreviation. Thus, 5G network is meant the fifth generation mobile communication technology.

    5G network 4G network compared to the biggest difference is speed, maximum speed 4G network can reach peak speed Internet access ask 1G, and 5G can be up to 10G, or even higher, up to the former rate a hundred times;

    in short, 5G network will be an upgraded version of the true 4G network, it will be based on the 4G network, bring to enhance the higher speed of. In addition, 5G network not only A higher transfer rates, but also presents a low latency in transmission, high reliability, low-power version features low power consumption to better support future networking applications.

    5G network belongs to the next generation of mobile communications technology network, it belongs to the upgraded version of the 4G network, if you want to experience the 5G mobile phone network requires not only a mobile phone chip supports 5G network, you also need the right to operate the layout of 5G network base station.

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