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Replacement of the mechanical hard disk on a computer screen displaying a section in English, how do?

Asked by: Carl 202 views Computer May 30, 2020

The WD350GB into mechanical hard section in English appear on the computer 1T, and finally a key.

How can I install properly?

4 Answers

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    The new mechanical hard because there is no system, must pass another computer system or do pe

    500g or less hard disk capacity has long been discontinued, the market or second-hand goods are goods inventory

    any later boot failures are a key, say others will not accurately determine the fault type

    Elizabeth- May 30, 2020 |

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    pro! Estimated hard drive data cable is not plugged in or the system is not installed!

    Paul Jackson- May 30, 2020 |

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    reinstall the system

    Eric- May 30, 2020 |

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    After the new hard disk you want to format the partition installed in order to use the system, neither format the partition, and the system is not installed, boot of course, that’s it.

    Answer: need to use the system or a U-disk CD-ROM, U disk, or an optical disc provided boot, into the PE system, first the hard disk partition is formatted, and then reinstall the system down.

    Brown- May 30, 2020 |