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Suddenly you can not copy and paste notebook

Asked by: Walter Anderson 599 views Computer June 2, 2020

notebook suddenly can not copy paste

3 Answers

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    notebook suddenly can not copy paste


    1. First, hold down the “Menu” key and the “R” key

    on the keyboard

    2. the system will automatically pop up run programs

    3. in operation an input box which enter “CHKDSK”, click on the “OK”

    4. after entering, wait a period of time, can be cleared

    method 2

    1. first Double-click on the desktop, “this computer,” key

    2. after entering find computer disk C

    3. right-click the C drive and select the right final “attribute”

    4. in the pop-up menu, select “disk cleanup”

    5. As shown, the system needs to be cleaned of the file being scanned. After

    6. Need to clean up the files have identified

    7. Finally, click the “OK” and then restart your computer

    Edward Ward- June 2, 2020 |

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    viruses know who made use rpcss.dll can monitor the system characteristics, so that the virus infected systems “rpcss .dll “files, and then boot from the start. Road leading to the computer can not copy and paste, use automatic load these services to call their own items to monitor online banking information online, if a sensitive account information, and other confidential version of the code was found, it will be recorded, then it will all secretly in the background sending the data record to the specified server hackers.

    Jose- June 2, 2020 |

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    There’s nothing not solve the problem is to restart, if there is, then restart twice.

    Joyce Thomas- June 2, 2020 |