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How do you recover EXCEL2003?

Asked by: Paul Roberts 581 views Software June 2, 2020

After I downloaded the WPS, my EXCEL file can not be opened directly, and now the first open EXCEL, press the top left corner of the file - open - to find the file you want to open to open, and very convenient, trying to solve. I uninstalled WPS is still the same.

Addition: The key is to fix the error file 1706. Setup can not find the need.

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    need to have the temporary file after the original office installed, you can choose to repair the office to start the uninstall program,

    can fix Open.

    There are the installation files, then re-cover the installation click on it

    Question: repair an error when the key is 1706. Installation the program can not find the necessary documents?
    Re not able to find a path

    Answer: it shows the file you originally installed files and folders for backup has been cleared you out.
    You can not, can only be to download a file office installation reinstalled.

    Gary Lewis- June 2, 2020 |