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1650S can support it DX12U

Asked by: Brian Jackson 30 views Hardware June 2, 2020

heard that the accumulation is integrated in the update, is that true?

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    The highest level of graphics card supports DX12.1

    Question: But people say it on the map can

    Answer: DX12U This is Microsoft co-driver NVIDIA and AMD jointly launched a drive version. Microsoft co-AMD / NVIDIA and other companies launched DX12Ultimate (referred DX12U, also known as DX12_2), will become the exclusive optimization RDNA2, RTX and Xbox Series X host.
    As the most advanced DX12 API, it brings the characteristics such as ray tracing (DXR), coloring variable rate (VRS), the mesh / mesh shader (Mesh Shaders) feedback and samplers. As long as support RTX, RDNA2 DX12U card will be marked with labels., Too, which is based RNDA2 XSX, after DX12U in line with norms of the game, another transplant can be very convenient. In this sense, Microsoft specification is standardized in line with DX12U game will be very easy to transplant , the cost will be much lower. those on the PC day plant if you move the mouse can be ported to XBOX, therefore GTX1650S this card to support this drive 12U

    Martha- June 2, 2020 |

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    this is certainly support DX12, in front of it generation 1050 supports DX12

    Question: I know can support DX12, but DX12 to be updated, do not know or not to support, Ultimate version

    Answer: this has not What major version upgrade,
    It does not support

    Answer: After the upgrade even if you do not support some of the new features, there will not be a problem

    Cynthia Allen- June 2, 2020 |