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How to extend laptop battery life?

Asked by: Kenneth Jackson 572 views Computer June 2, 2020

How to extend laptop battery life?

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    First, the laptop battery working environment

    Do not sunlight or exposure to subzero temperatures using a laptop battery, so not only is the notebook battery life time is greatly reduced, even more serious is the damage notebook battery life. To try just a cool, local temperature adaptation of the use of laptop batteries.

    Second, not every laptop battery power use automatic shutdown.

    lithium batteries do not like to be used for clean up before going to charge, but would like notebook battery harm. The correct way is to use every ten percent or twenty percent of sleep or shut down automatically, so that the battery better, not to mention the laptop battery charge and discharge times are relatively fixed.

    Third, try to use AC power when using AC power, do not like candles, and one will burn for a while with the battery

    battery this stuff, it will once than not Save shorter life, so to reduce the number and laptop battery use time.

    Fourth, the external power cord plug is often need to reduce the charge, then the threshold to avoid frequent charging, if the power supply is good, can be lowered as much as possible, this adjustment position inside the laptop power management.

    V. Note preventive use battery power when using a high temperature for a long time to bring the appropriate rest shutdown, the battery heat is the enemy.

    six, if a long time without a battery powered laptop, notebook battery can be charged to a 40% -50%, and then write the laptop battery, sealed in plastic bags tied, stored in a dry environment. (Ultra-pole built-in battery can not be removed, the power supply will automatically cut off after the battery is full super present, do not worry)

    seven long remove laptop battery should be fully charged and discharged at least once a month.

    eight, to avoid frequent recharging, the software can be adjusted to the laptop batteries in about 90% of this starting charge.

    nine, two or three months to conduct a battery power correction.

    ten, turn off the computer when the charging is preferably not unplug the power in the charge.

    XI avoid human impacts, disassembly, fall, heating or short circuit.

    XII using a dedicated charging device, not other power charging device, even if the charge can not charge.

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