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When will iphone12 be released?

Asked by: Diana Davis 137 views Phone & Tablet October 5, 2020

When will iphone12 be released?

2 Answers

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    Apple may announce the iPhone 12 conference time this week

    Apple may announce the date of its iPhone 12 conference as early as this week; Apple will not release the hardware this week, but announce the iPhone 1 online The date of the conference.

    Traditionally, Apple generally sends out the invitation letter about two weeks before the conference.

    If Apple sends out an invitation letter on September 8, the date of the iPhone 12 conference may be around September 22, and it must be an online conference.

    Even if the iPhone 12 event is held in September, the iPhone 12 itself will not be released until October at the earliest.

    Eric- October 6, 2020 |

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    It is recommended to read the official website news.

    Harry Thomson- October 6, 2020 |