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How to export the recording file of worry-free call recording

Asked by: Donna Hill 185 views Software October 9, 2020

How to export the recording file of worry-free call recording

2 Answers

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    There are 2 simple ways to export recording files. The first mobile phone export method. (Using the mobile phone’s own SMS and email export method) The second computer export (using iTools. Here is an introduction to the iTools export method under mac, and the same operation method under win) There are in the Recordings folder. Files with m4a suffix are version recording files. The name of the recording file is the detailed recording time, which can be exported directly by right-clicking according to your needs.

    Robert Butler- October 9, 2020 |

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    There are many types of recorded calls.
    1. The earliest tape recording calls. There is no way to export the recording files. I can listen.
    2. Now commonly used SD card recording calls, you can use a card reader to directly test the recording content in the SD card to the computer, the recording can be played directly, and it should also be equipped with corresponding software to search and play Recording files.
    3. There are other advanced digital recording telephones, special recording telephones, etc., which are basically equipped with a data cable and connected to the computer, and the software is used to import, backup and view the recorded recording files.

    Gloria Reynolds- October 9, 2020 |