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Seeking a free data recovery software

Asked by: Reynolds 167 views Software October 22, 2020

Look for a free and easy-to-use computer version data recovery software

3 Answers

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    diskgenius, Pacific Green Edition https://dl.pconline.com.cn/html_2/1/67/id=4431&pn=0.html

    Answer: Free features and success The rate is limited. If the disk is not overwritten multiple times, it will recover about 8 to 90%.

    Answer: The more important data is the paid EasyRecovery. If the hard disk is hung up, then go to a professional open data recovery.

    Michelle Kelly- October 22, 2020 |

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    This Shenhu reply software is the only truly free reply tool in China. But it is limited to replying to small files, large files cannot be replied, and large files can only be replied to the data recovery studio using a professional PC3000. (Need to pay).

    Tammy Allen- October 22, 2020 |

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    Data recovery software is not omnipotent. The data is still there after the data is deleted, but the data is overwritten by the new data and cannot be recovered

    Christine Thomas- October 23, 2020 |