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Can you repair the U disk

Asked by: Ashley Adams 133 views Hardware November 8, 2020

Can you repair the U disk

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    Can you repair the USB flash drive

    Answer: It can be repaired;

    The method is as follows:

    How to repair the USB flash drive
    Right-click “Removable Disk” and select “Properties” from the pop-up context menu.

    U disk computer illustration 1

    Then switch to the “Tools” tab in the opened window, and click the “Error checking and start checking” button. Check both items in the pop-up window, and finally click the “Start” button to check and repair disk errors.

    Mobile device computer illustration 2

    After the repair is complete, you can try to open the U disk.

    Illustration 3 of repairing U disk computer

    Method 2:
    When the above method cannot open the U disk, it is recommended to format the U disk.
    Right-click “Removable Disk” and select “Format” in the pop-up right-click menu.

    Storage Disk Computer Illustration 4

    In the open “Format” window, uncheck “Quick Format” and click the “Start” button .

    Mobile device computer illustration 5

    Method 3:
    After frequently performing the above operations, if the USB flash drive still cannot be opened normally, try replacing the USB flash drive with a USB port. At the same time, make sure that the computer mobile storage related setting options are not disabled. Specific viewing and setting methods: Open the “Run” dialog box and enter the command “gpedit.msc” to enter the Group Policy Manager.

    Repair U Disk Computer Graphic 6

    Click “Management Module”ā†’”System”ā†’”Removable Storage Access” and make sure that Removable Disk: Deny Read Permission” and “All Removable Disk: Deny Read Permission” are both set to “Not Configured” or “Disabled”.

    Storage Disk Computer Illustration 7

    If not, double-click the corresponding item, check the “disabled” item in the pop-up window and click “OK “Yes.

    U Disk Computer Illustration 8

    The above are the steps to repair the USB disk.

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