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Can the computer be used normally while the disk is being tested?

Asked by: Harold Collins 130 views Computer November 15, 2020

The detection time of the disk is too long, it takes more than ten hours. Can the computer be used normally during this period? In addition, does the detection of flaws in photos affect the use? Will it freeze?

Addition: is a solid state drive 500G

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    I can tell you an example.

    Assuming that the disk is composed of 100,000 small squares, each square has a connected channel.

    Then detecting the disk is equivalent to walking all 100,000 small squares (including the passage between them)

    When you use the computer, suppose you use office If your office exists The square between 200-300, then the computer will freeze only when the disk is detected, otherwise it will not have any effect.

    So whether your computer is stuck or not is mainly because the data and software you read occupy a lot of space.

    Ruby Graham- November 15, 2020 |