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What to do if the win7 operating system shows expired

Asked by: Brandon Hughes 136 views Software December 14, 2020

Display expired. Don't know what to do

6 Answers

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    The expiration date is just that Microsoft does not officially provide system update patches, the system can still be used normally, as long as the 360 Security Guard is installed, you don’t have to worry about it.

    Michael- December 14, 2020 |

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    Download, install and run the “Pony Crack” tool You can do it.

    Thomas Jackson- December 14, 2020 |

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    Find a registered software on the Internet, and it will be ready soon. There are many such software on the Internet. You can try it. If you don’t want to, you can find a registered software and reinstall it. .

    Anne White- December 14, 2020 |

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    1. Expiration has little effect

    2. Download kms online to activate Windows

    Michelle Young- December 14, 2020 |

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    Reactivate again No, it’s very simple

    Michael- December 14, 2020 |

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    Microsoft officially stopped all support for win7. If you want to use it, you can find an activation tool online

    Of course, your computer can be upgraded to win10

    Joan Reynolds- December 14, 2020 |