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Is there a green screen problem with iphone12?

Asked by: Eric Rogers 100 views Phone & Tablet December 18, 2020

Is there a green screen problem with iphone12?

2 Answers

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    IPhone12 may have a green screen. The official interpretation is that there is a system or software problem, and the specifics will not be able to come to a conclusion after subsequent inspections.

    The green screen appeared on the IPhone. This matter is getting more and more serious, and many users slowly began to give feedback to the official. According to the official response, it is not the hardware that caused the green screen. It is caused by the system or some software running, and to solve this problem, the official is currently repairing it urgently, as long as the system is kept up to date.

    IPhone12 has a green screen, not because of screen problems, but because of the phone’s own system or software.

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    Ward- December 18, 2020 |

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    Yes. Currently all series have it. The probability is still very high

    Mark Griffiths- December 18, 2020 |