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Why does my phone display this prompt once it is charged

Asked by: Jimmy Adams 146 views Phone & Tablet December 26, 2020

I didn’t leave a few days ago.

2 Answers

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    This may be what mobile phone manager you have installed, similar to mobile phone cleaning, open settings-applications-uninstall similar software You can also turn off battery optimization settings A few days ago, I didn’t because I recently installed too many software that consumes electricity.Open Settings-Applications-Uninstall similar software
    You can also turn off the battery optimization settings, or you may have too much background software, you turn off the background, and then collect and clean up.

    Frank Thomson- December 26, 2020 |

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    The background is turned on too much. It’s better to clean the background when charging. It’s better for the battery, otherwise it will discharge a lot while charging, which will reduce the charging speed and make the phone heat up, which is not good for the battery.

    Donald Roberts- December 26, 2020 |