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Why can’t I open the webpage on my network

Asked by: Ross 123 views Internet December 26, 2020

Why can't I open the webpage on my network

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    1. The computer is invaded by a malicious virus. As mentioned above, many netizens go to download files. In fact, such files contain malicious viruses. Once they are run, the web page cannot be opened.
    2. DNS settings are wrong, you need to modify DNS settings.
    3. The browser sets the proxy server option, so the webpage cannot be opened.
    4. There are many system garbage and webpage traces, and no regular cleaning is done.

    Douglas Johnson- December 26, 2020 |

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    I suggest you:

    (1) Open the IE browser, select the “Tools” menu –> “Internet Options” –> “Advanced” tab –> click “Restore default settings “, click “OK” and close all IE browser windows;

    (2) Open IE browser and select the “Tools” menu –> “Internet Options” –> “General” tab ->Internet
    Temporary files
    Select “Check every time you visit this page” in “Check for newer versions of stored web pages” in the settings. And click “Delete files” in the Internet temporary file settings, tick the “Delete all offline content” and click OK to close the
    dialog box
    , close all IE windows;

    (3) Open the IE browser, select the “Tools” menu -> “Internet Options” -> “Security” tab, and select “Internet” in the “Please make security settings for different areas of web content (z)” window “, then select “Custom Level”, set “Download Signed Activex Control”, “Run Activex Control”, etc. in “Activex Controls and Plugins” to “Enable” or “Prompt”.

    The above information is for reference only. You can increase the traffic at home and use 48G traffic for 2 years. The monthly 2G national traffic is not for nothing. For details, please log in to the Guangxi Telecom online business hall.

    Deborah- December 26, 2020 |

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    Update the IP address of the DSN resolution server. Try it.

    John- December 27, 2020 |