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Computer is silent

Asked by: Linda Powell 165 views Computer January 23, 2021

Computer is silent

3 Answers

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    If the speaker and its cable are okay, and the volume is not muted, use 360 ​​Driver Master to detect and install the sound card driver.

    Miller- January 23, 2021 |

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    You want to figure out how you did it before the accident ? The fault will not appear for no reason, right? Uninstall all the things downloaded before the accident. If not, restore the system or reinstall. If it is a hardware problem, fix it. If you have any problems, please follow up (see the following method first).
    Solution to the silent computer: There are two solutions: repair the system and install the sound card driver with software (first look at the small speaker or check whether the mute is set in the control panel, and check whether there is sound output through the headset If it is, it is caused by the failure of the speaker or speaker and each connection. If it is, it is caused by the damage of the sound card driver. If it is caused by a hardware problem, you can’t solve it by yourself. Check it out. If you have any questions, please ask me.)
    1. Press F8 at boot until the advanced options appear when you let go. Choose “Last Correct Configuration” and press Enter to repair (this method can restore the original drive).
    2. If the failure is caused by updating the driver, right-click on my computer and select properties, select the device manager to find the driver, right-click and select properties/the driver option above/select the driver option below and press OK (if You can enter the safe mode, but also press F8 at boot).
    3. If the fault persists, restore the system or reinstall.
    Use the system restore method that comes with the system:
    System restore that comes with the system: “Start”/”Programs”/”Accessories”/”System Tools”/”System Restore”, click ” “Restore my computer to an earlier time”, click Next, and you will see a dark date on the date page, which is the restore point. After you choose, click Next to restore (Win7 restore system, right-click the computer to select Properties, select system protection and system restore on the right side, just follow the steps, you can also choose to create at the bottom of this page beforehand, and create a restore point by yourself).
    The driver comes with the computer or downloaded from the official website. The software includes the driver wizard, driver life, super rabbit and other software (install the driver in order as far as possible).

    Ashley- January 23, 2021 |

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    How to restore the computer when there is no sound in Japan, many times we will use the computer to watch movies or listen to music, but it is very embarrassing if there is no sound, so how to restore it when the computer has no sound? Friends who don’t know how to watch~

    Wayne- January 24, 2021 |