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Is USB a solid product?

Asked by: Billy 138 views Hardware January 25, 2021

Is USB a solid product?

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    The difference between a solid state drive and a USB flash drive:
    First, the lifespan is different.
    The frequent failures of the USB flash drive are also due to the fact that the general USB flash drive is generally a FLASH chip, and there are two more chips. The same storage structural unit on a chip will accelerate the aging of the chip, and the chip on the solid state drive is far more than one, two chips, but up to dozens of chips, through the coordination of the master control, the data is allocated to different chips for operation, and balance The usage of each chip is virtually superimposed on the read and write times of all chips, which greatly prolongs the stable working time.
    Second, the main control algorithm is different.
    Solid-state drives use a special algorithm. This algorithm is different for each manufacturer and is packaged in the main control chip. Through this algorithm, the data can be evenly distributed to each flash in the solid state drive, which greatly extends the life of the flash while improving the speed.
    A more efficient algorithm can compress and read data at a high speed, especially the reading speed can be very high. A more efficient algorithm may be flat, but it can greatly extend the life of the FALSH chip, generally solid state If the hard disk is in normal use, there will be little question and answer in 3-5 years.

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