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Ask the big guys to answer the newly-purchased computer. The system partition is reinstalled and the system partition is marked. Restart the U disk after unplugging the U disk. The system prompts that the startup item is not found. How to solve this

Asked by: Matthews 98 views Computer February 14, 2021

Cannot start the computer normally

4 Answers

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    If you set the U disk to boot the installed system, set the hard disk to boot in the BIOS, the problem will be solved.

    Samuel- February 14, 2021 |

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    Use the partition boot repair tool in the U disk boot disk to repair the C disk.

    Ronald Hunter- February 15, 2021 |

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    Enter the bios and adjust the startup item

    Betty Adams- February 15, 2021 |

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    Partition first, then install the system, restart and unplug the USB flash drive for the first time

    Answer: Set the hard disk to the second startup item

    Harold Turner- February 15, 2021 |