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There is no space on the c drive and I don’t want to reinstall the system. Is there a way?

Asked by: Rachel Matthews 166 views Software February 23, 2021

What can be deleted in the C drive

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     The space on the C drive of the computer is not large, you can try the following measures to delete files and empty the space:

       1. Directly delete some useless files stored on the C drive that occupy a large space and empty them. Recycle bin.

       2. Use software such as 360 security guards and computer housekeepers to clean up the computer and clean up the remaining junk files from the system to empty the space.

       3. Uninstall the useless software installed on the C drive in the computer, or uninstall and reinstall the needed software on a drive other than the C drive to clear the C drive space.

      Uninstall method:

      1. Use “Software Uninstall” in “360 Software Manager” and other security software;

      2. “Use” control panel “Add/Remove Programs” in

       Fourth, the above operations still cannot solve the problem of overfilling space, that is, the partition of the computer C disk is too small. The most fundamental solution is to redo the system and change the C The disk partition space is expanded.

    Question: The files are all in English, I don’t know which is the post-installed file

    Answer: Files and settings (including some files per bai user du and user settings notes record)
    download: Download. Some software download files are placed in this folder or dao. . .
    RavBin (Rising anti-virus software) is said to be Rising’s quarantine system file. After the virus is detected, it is a folder created to prevent misoperation. If not, just ignore it.
    Ghost: the folder of the system restore software Ghost
    program Files: (software) program files, general software is installed in this folder by default
    Magazine: Magazine. It may be a folder created by you installed some e-magazine reading software
    WINDOWS: English literal translation window or window. In fact, the files in the windows system folder cannot be deleted randomly. Think of these *.log log files, *.temp temporary files, and some picture files that can be deleted. Don’t delete anything else you don’t understand
    pic: I don’t know this anymore

    Craig Lewis- February 23, 2021 |

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    360 system disk slimming, uninstall the software in the C disk and reinstall other disks.

    Scott Price- February 23, 2021 |