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My desktop computer Yangtian T4300c originally 4G memory, computer special card, newly installed a 4G memory bar, why the memory usage is high

Asked by: Phyllis 198 views Computer March 6, 2021

addition: Is the memory model is not compatible? The original is Samsung's DDR3. Later, this is the memory technology DDR3L, and the frequency is consistent? What is the reason for God?

2 Answers

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    To replace the system to 64-bit, you can use 4G or more memory, you are 32-bit systems, you can only use 3G multi-memory, and the installed memory is completely used.

    Stevens- March 7, 2021 |

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    is not a memory incompatible problem, otherwise the system does not recognize 8G or black screen. Check in the task manager, which programs are too much memory or have too many startup items.

    Andrea Khan- March 7, 2021 |