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How does computer configuration upgrade? I want to play 3A masterpieces in recent years.

Asked by: Richards 187 views Computer March 9, 2021

As shown in the picture, I want to play 3A masterpieces (requires not too high, low-quality 40 frames, the student party has no money) How to upgrade?

3 Answers

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    You have a lot of significance above this platform. Not asked for a platform ..

    selling the motherboard CPU .. About 250-300 ..

    Other Leaves ..

    convert the CPU to the E3 1230 V3 350

    motherboard to engage a H81 100 yuan

    plus this graphics can enjoy the general online game. .

    There are many budgets plus a solid state drive ..

    Cook- March 9, 2021 |

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    Recommend the motherboard CPU and graphics card, the motherboard is changed to a B460, the graphics card is changed to another RX580 or GTX1060CPU for I3 10100 ,

    Karen- March 9, 2021 |

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    The capacity is capable as possible to rise 16GB, the lowest graphics card is the lowest GTX1080, it is not GTX1060, the processor does not have seen, there is no evaluation, and individuals think that the computer is always changed. The other is not compatible with trouble

    Howard- March 9, 2021 |