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The computer time when booting is often returned to 2008-1-1, what should I do?

Asked by: Sandra Davies 234 views Computer March 13, 2021

My computer, the computer time when booting is often returned to 2008-1-1, I need to manually revise it yourself. Is there any way to solve this problem?

2 Answers

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    Your affirmative battery has problems; the battery is dead.

    There is a CMOS battery on the motherboard, a small button battery. If this battery is dead, the system time will return to the factory time. And prompt entering CMOS settings.

    If your computer is shut down, you will not save CMOS settings.

    Sometimes no problem is because you don’t have the discharge of the power supply, the motherboard is also energized under shutdown, so you can save the settings.

    , so you can open the chassis to change the battery. It is good, the battery has good and poor, the price is 5-30 yuan. When I put it back, I am in place, then put the battery flat on the card, and then press it, the battery will be firmly deducted, here, the battery replacement work is completed .

    Bonnie Fox- March 13, 2021 |

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    The battery on the motherboard is dead, that battery is responsible for using the computer time and some motherboards after the shutdown.

    that is no electricity, computer time can not save and go forward, natural every boot time is not

    Question: Do you need to repair?

    Rachel White- March 14, 2021 |