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How to fix U disk

Asked by: David Cooper 174 views Hardware March 22, 2021

How to fix U disk

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    repair damaged U disk:

    1: Connect the U disk to the computer, open the operation function with the combination key [WIN + R], enter chkdsk / f (f is the corresponding letter displayed from the U disk read from the computer, then Click the “OK” button to start fixing.

    2: After the completion is completed, the right button is partition partition attribute – Tool – start checking, 【自动 文件 文件 系统 错】】】】 【[√]. You can fix it.

    Louis- March 22, 2021 |

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    u disk how to repair method one: 1. Point Start – Run – Enter CMD-Format F: / FS: FAT32 (here F: refers to the drive letter where the U disk) is 2. Open Control Panel – Management Tool – Computer Management – Disk Management – Find the drive letter of the U disk – right button – Delete disk partition (this option is gray, no way to choose) – Create a new disk partition – follow Tip After completing the disk partition, you can format the U disk. Method 2: Download the USBoot tool (this tool is very classic general GHOST disk with online search, a large piece), formatted in the HDD method, where you need to unplug the USB flash drive according to the prompt Finally, complete the boot disk production. At this time, you can double-click the disk, prompting if it needs to be formatted. . . Then I “Yes”, I finally saw the long-lost formatting window, select FAT formatting, everything goes well, after completing, the USB flash drive can be used normally, the capacity has no loss. Friends who have the same problem can try this way. Of course, the USB is unable to format the situation, as long as it is not a hard injury, there is always a solution.

    Jeremy Richards- March 22, 2021 |