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Newly bought hard disk partition errors. What should I do if I can’t install the system?

Asked by: Christine Hill 268 views Hardware March 29, 2021

Newly bought hard disk partition errors. What should I do if I can't install the system?

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    Newly bought hard disk partition error. Unable to install the system

    solve the hard disk partition error, use the Diskgenius partition tool hard disk to format the resilience.

    The specific steps are as follows:
    1. On the system desktop, click Open the DiskGenius program.

    2, select the disk that needs to be restrict.

    3, formatting in the top menu bar.

    4, after formatting, click on the partition in the menu bar.

    5, select the establishment of a new partition.

    6, according to the hard disk size, fill in the amount of partition required to partition.

    7, click Start, wait for the progress bar to complete the partition.

    1. Restart the computer, enter the ULTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheTheng Reconstructing the main guidance record (MBR) “. 2, immediately, click “Yes” in the pop-up window, and turn off the tool after the task is completed. At this time, reopen “U starting the PE one button” to identify the disk drive letter. At this point, in the process of reinstalling the system, the computer is enforced that the disk solving can be introduced, if this problem is still unable to solve this problem, try to use the hard disk maintenance tool such as hard disk regenerator to try repair.

    Wanda Butler- March 29, 2021 |