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What is the best computer system now?

Asked by: Todd 198 views Computer March 29, 2021

XP system, 7 system, 8 system, then I don't know, the office software has forgotten it.

7 Answers

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    DOS system, Win3.1 system, Win95 system, Win2000 system, XP system, win7 system, win8.1 system, Win10 system.

    The best computer operating system should be a system suitable for computer configuration.


    Configure low computer XP system

    Generally configured computer with WIN7 or WIN8.1 system.

    Mid-high configuration computer WIN8.1 or WIN10 system

    Henry Davis- March 29, 2021 |

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    Now the best system is Win7 and Win10, but The new computer can only install Win10.

    Peter King- March 29, 2021 |

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    First, the computer is slow to slow down. a) Win10.1, it has a fast power-on function, even if you are a mechanical hard drive, it can be easily broken for 14 seconds. B) Fill the solid-state hard drive (SSD). The read / write speed is fast: the flash memory is used as the storage medium, and the read speed is relatively faster than the mechanical hard disk. Solid state drives do not have a magnetic head, and the seek time is almost zero. The speed of continuous writing is very amazing, and there is also a very low access time, the most common 7200-turn mechanical hard disk is generally 12-14 milliseconds, while the solid-state drive can easily reach 0.1 milliseconds or even lower . Computers with solid state drives are very fast. WINDOWS 10.1 recommended reason is as follows. 1. Function, Win10.1 compatibility is stronger, and the 1809 version also has nightlight mode, reducing computer screen injury. Energy-saving mode is more continuous. 2 There is a wealth of theme system in Windows, and the theme system is free to download. To get a relatively comfortable visual experience, Windows 10 is undoubtedly better choice. 3 In the game experience, for gamers, Windows 10 has also become a necessary choice. Because Windows 10 provides complete support for DX12, many new game masterpieces must be allowed to run in DX12. With the gradual opening of the Xbox game platform and PC game platform, many games are only supported by Windows 10. 4 stores on, better use of OneDrive to help us save your hard disk space. Unlike many network disks, it used to be a main synchronization function. Over time, not only the network disk is full, even if the system space is left, we can set the folders in OneDrive to “Online available”. We put the files in it, and the system automatically uploads them to the cloud. Although you can see these files locally, only the network can open them. This is equivalent to completely saving the file in the cloud, thereby releasing the storage space of your computer. This feature is not very effective for desktops with many mechanical hard drives. We can still maintain the default “always saved in this device”, but for many SSD’s notebooks, it is a safeweest in space. Supplement: How to acquire Windows 10.1. You can download Win10.1 from MSDN. (Web link) B) Set the installed Windows 10.1 upgrade to Win10.1, through Win + R, enter Services.msc, continue to optimize, and disable some services, you can also turn off some software Start, Shift + Ctrl + ESC, find the startup, disable it does not have to start boot startup.

    Adam Scott- March 29, 2021 |

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    windows10, it is recommended to use the system’s home installed master to install a Win10 system, Win7 is better, but also stopped. http://www.downxia.com/downinfo/331685.html

    Harold Wood- March 29, 2021 |

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    Nothing is the best, only the best for you.

    Which one is in touch with it, anyway, it is basically a D version on the market. It is different, there is nothing to say. There is also a network system, work system, graphics system, home version, company version, online version …

    WinXP, Win7 and Win10 are currently the most common. XP is basically eliminated. Win7 has also stopped updated, so it is currently being transitioned to Win10, and it is also the ultimate version of Microsoft. It is estimated that there will be no new system. There is only what the system will wait and want to wait and see. You can choose Win10. It is basically the most common choice when technician installation.

    Jacqueline Walker- March 29, 2021 |

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    Computer operating system has a lot, but it is certainly no best, Only the most suitable

    You are Windows systems (other systems, such as Linux, etc.)

    and Windwos system, the latest version is Windows 10 20H2

    In addition, the XP system, 7 system has been officially eliminated

    Shawn- March 29, 2021 |

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    Win7 BB XP has passed, unless you can’t do it, or it is recommended to XP Win8? First, the system of touch screen, the second wonderful operation interface and habits make people feel very uncomfortable. Many of my friends are uninstalled in the newly bought notebook, and install WIN7. The most important operation system is safe, stable, and conforms to operating habits. The global WIN7 system has more than 50%.

    Andrea Campbell- March 29, 2021 |