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Reilet system installation failed

Asked by: Phyllis Thompson 265 views Software March 30, 2021

The title is started because the boot is automatically entered the BIOS mode, and after the sale is debugged, it is found that every time it is restarted. And it becomes very carton. After that, use a U disk to be loaded with the system, the default is set, and the progress strip is full and prompts the installation failure to check if the mirror file or the hard disk has an error. Installing other discs can be installed, but it is found after the original system after restarting. Re-partition or format the C drive with partitioning tools directly without response, the task manager ends the hard disk directly after the partition tool process.

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    Reinforcing system installation failed

    Reinforcement system failed, can only continue to use the correct method and tool reloading system until success. There are many ways to reload the computer, and the following listed below can be selected.
    Note: After the reinstallation system is complete, install the security software such as 360 security guards, add 360 anti-virus or Jinshan drug tyrants, and other security software, and check the roar, virus, then make system patches, install common software, and use one Key Restore Tools for system backups to prepare from time to time.
    1. Press the F11 key or F8 button after boot or restart, see if there is a one-click GHOST (if not, “one-click Restore” is used as a keyword search to download and install the software, and after the system is reloaded, or usually can run normally When running the program, select “Backup” and wait for its restart to save the current system in the GHO file format in the hard disk non-system partition, so that you can restore it at any time when there is a system problem, if you choose one Key Restore Press Enter to determine, after entering a button restore operation interface, then select “Restore” OK. If a button backup is previously installed, it can be restored to the state of the backup.

    2. If there is no one-button restore, use the system U disk reload system. After inserting the U disk, press the DEL key (notebook is generally f2 or according to the screen bottom prompt character) to enter the CMOS, and enter the BOOT tab to set the USB disk to the first startup item. Restart Go to the USB flash drive menu, select the clone installation, and then press the prompt operation.
    The operation steps of the system U disk production and reloading systems are:
    1). Production launch U disk: to the physical store to buy a 4-8G U disk (can ask the boss to help the system U disk can omit the following steps), the Internet search downloads the old coach or Chinese cabbage, etc. Tools, insert the U disk into the computer to run this software to start the U disk.
    2). Copy system file: Internet access to system home website Download the GHO file of WinXP or WIN7 and other operating systems, copy it to the U disk folder specified by the U disk or startup tool.
    3). Set the U disk to the first start disk: Press the DEL key (notebook is usually f2 or other) to enter the BIOS setting interface, enter the BOOT tab to set the USB disk to the first startup item (Note: Some Computers need it at this time Insert the U disk for identification to set it).
    4) .U disk boot and reload the system: Insert the U disk to start the computer, after entering the U disk boot interface, select “Install the system to the C zone”, press the Enter the prompt after the Enter is determined, the computer will automatically run the GHOST software Download the GHO file clone installed to the C area, the entire process basically does not require manual intervention until it will enter the system desktop.
    3. If there is a system disc (not available to the computer store to purchase), insert the system disc into CMOS, press DEL key after boot (notebook is generally f2 or according to the screen bottom prompt character) into CMOS, and in the boot tab Set the optical drive (CD-ROM or DVD-ROM) as the first startup item. Restart Enter the CD Startup menu, select the system to install the system to the C area, and then press the prompt operation.

    Kathryn Wilkinson- March 31, 2021 |

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    Norma- March 31, 2021 |

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    Replace the system installation package and reload the system. This kind of problem is common, generally changed a system to install the file package, you will do it

    You will do a U disk system, change a place to download the installation package.

    Question: Change a lot of

    Beverly Gray- March 31, 2021 |

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    Solid state drive or mechanical if it is solid consider hard disk damage can only replace the hard disk If it is mechanical, try

    Shutdown to open the chassis and re-hard disk connector and don’t find a professional master.

    Question: Solid State Drive SATA Interface

    Daniel Bell- March 31, 2021 |

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    Your system installation disk has problems, the method also has problems, first prepare a blank U disk greater than 8G, one normal Boot, you can go online, then go to the Microsoft official website to download Win10, according to official website prompt selection media – your USB flash drive, then complete the production, after the prompt is completed, inserted to the computer you need to reload the system, start from the U disk The computer will automatically enter the Win10 installation interface. After formatting the disk with Win10, install the system to the hard disk, you can, you can’t find the hard drive, you should be your boot disk without the latest motherboard driver .

    Question: It’s so reloading system, you won’t do this

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